Dear Applicant

Your pre- assessment application has been accepted and based on the information that you have provided, we have identified you as a potentially qualified candidate for a live-in caregiver position in Canada.

How will help you find a great nanny job in Canada helps nannies and caregivers from around the world find employment in Canada quickly and easily and without significant placement and recruitment fees. It is not easy to find a job for international caregivers in Canada, but our services will work with you to make this process as simple as possible. allows you to advertise your caregiver profile and receive job offers directly from Canadian employers in order to secure a position. Employers will contact you directly and you along with the employer will be able to negotiate and agree on the job conditions that are most suitable for both of you. Your employer will also arrange all the documentation required for your work permit in Canada (at no cost to you). puts you in control of the whole process, putting your future in your own hands.

How it works Step by step process:

1. will make an assessment of your application and we will approve it for advertising on our web site.

2. Canadian employers and families who are looking for a live-in caregiver or a live-in nanny will search our online database and contact you directly by sending you a direct message. This message will be forwarded to your email address. A list of all your messages can be found in your personal account on

3. Once you receive a message, you contact the employer directly by email and set up a phone interview or Skype video interview. Please pay attention to the time difference between your country and Canada.

4. Usually employers will conduct job interviews with a number of candidates and select the one who is most suitable for their needs and requirements.

5. Once you are selected by an employer you will sign a job contract and send it back to the employer.
Live-In Caregiver Program - Sample contract

6. Your prospective employer will accept the contract and submit a request to hire you to the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). Once the ESDC has confirmed the job offer (LMIA), it will send the prospective employer a confirmation letter. The prospective employer will be instructed to send a copy of the confirmation letter to you. It could take up to two months before the employer receives a response from ESDC.

7. Once approved, the employer will send you a copy of your approved LMIA.

8. On receipt of the LMIA you must apply for a work permit at the Canadian embassy nearest to you.
The Canadian embassy in your country will supply you with a check list for all the requisite documents for this process. Example: APPLICATION KIT - Canadian Embassy, Manila or Document Checklist for Hong Kong Candidates

9. Once you have received a work permit you can come to Canada and begin work for your employer.

Salary & Working condition:

Your  salary, will be approximately $1100 - $1600 depending on the province in which you find employment. You will have your own room and board. As a live-in caregiver, you have legal rights regarding fair working conditions and fair treatment in accordance with the employment standards legislation of most provinces and territories. Employment standards legislation cover rights in areas such as:

  • days off each week;
  • vacation time with pay;
  • paid public holidays;
  • overtime pay;
  • minimum wage;
  • other protections, including equal pay, equal benefits and notice of employment termination;
  • maximum charges for room and board.

Advertising Fees:

We are an on-line service. We do not charge applicants a placement or a recruitment fee, but applicants who want to advertise their profile on our web-site and receive job offers directly from employers are required to pay an advertising fee. Our fees are significantly lower than any agency placement fees in Canada.
Advertising fees vary according to the country from which you are applying and your specialization.
Please fill out the application form and we will send you further information on our Advertising fees and payment conditions.

Application Form:

Please fill out the application form found at the link below.
Link to Application Form

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Your application will allow us to identify if you are a qualified candidate and establish the required advertising fee for you.
After submission of your application, an account will automatically be created for you, and your account and login information will be emailed to you at the email address you provide.
Once we determine that you are a qualified candidate you will be able to add to your profile copies of your diploma, school certificates, references, first aid certificates, and a copy of your passport. (Your Passport copy and the contact details of your references will not be made public).
Once you decide to advertise your profile at, one of our specialist editors will be in touch with you to create a more Western Style resume on your behalf, to help attract potential employers.

Remember: The major benefit of the live-in caregiver program is:
You are able to apply for permanent residency for yourself and your family in Canada after completing a minimum of two years employment as a live-in caregiver in Canada.

With any queries please feel free to contact us at

Kind regards,