About Us

CaregiverJobs.ca is an online service that connects Canadian families with overseas caregivers and nannies, who wish to live and work in Canada. Our services are completely free for Canadian employers, and can save families hundreds or even thousands of dollars in agency fees by handling the selection, interviewing and hiring process themselves.

Our international company is the very first employer-caregiver matching service on the internet. We specialize in connecting overseas nannies and caregivers with Canadian families who need help in looking after their children, elderly relatives, or family members with special needs.

Nannies and caregivers who come to work in Canada are all carefully screened and approved by the Canadian government, through the “Foreign live-In Caregiver Program.” The Canadian Immigration Department thoroughly checks each candidate's education and work experience and qualifications, criminal background, and language skills. Following a successful investigation, each caregiver is also given a thorough medical exam. Provided the candidate passes all sections of the investigation, then—and only then—will the authorities issue a legal work permit.

Our extensive experience in this field has taught us that there are many professional and hardworking nannies and caregivers who are looking for Canadian employers. Likewise, there are also hundreds, if not thousands, of Canadian families who want to find and hire caregivers without the expense of using an outside agency.

We are an innovative and highly affordable alternative to nanny and caregiver agencies which charge both employers and caregivers high placement and recruitment fees. CaregiverJobs.ca allows nannies and caregivers to advertise themselves directly to you, the employer, through their self-constructed online profile. Each profile provides all the relevant details and evidence required by the Canadian government's Live-In Caregiver Program, ensuring that the hiring process goes smoothly and is perfectly legal.

Don't pay high fees to a nanny or caregiver agency, and don't make your nanny or caregiver pay a recruiter. Use our services today, for FREE!